Hi. My name is Jeff Rzeszotarski.
I am an Assistant Professor in the School of Information Science at Cornell University with interests in data visualization, crowdsourcing, and social computing. My research focuses on helping both experts and everyday people make sense of data. I strongly believe that data big and small must be made accessible to as many people as possible, and I endeavor to encode that value into the systems I design and the research I pursue.

I currently am seeking doctoral advisees and talented interns interested in crowdsourcing, data visualization, and machine learning. Recent projects focus on ways we can help individuals make sense of complex data science concepts through new visualizations, novel systems, and techniques for gathering data from the crowd. Additional projects focus on physics-based data visualizations and social factors in information generation and consumption online.

I received my PhD from the Human-Computer Interaction Institute at Carnegie Mellon University, advised by Niki Kittur. I pursued my BA at Carleton College and received a MS in human-computer interaction from Carnegie Mellon. My work has been featured publicly in venues such as TechCrunch and GigaOM. While a graduate student I co-founded a startup, DataSquid. I am a former Siebel Scholar, Carnegie Mellon Innovation Fellow, and Microsoft Graduate Research Fellow. In the past I have spent summers researching with Peng Dai and Ed Chi at Google and Merrie Morris at Microsoft Research. My current research is primarily supported by grants from the National Science Foundation.

Back at Carleton I developed a continuing interest in Japanese and Chinese art history, which has led me to collect ink paintings and woodblock prints. In my spare time I experiment with 3d printing, make ceramics, and travel. If you've managed to read this far, here are some more fun facts: in the past I've hosted radio shows on KRLX; I once was bitten by a pet tiger; some of my video game themed pottery was briefly Internet-famous; and sometimes I attend conventions for vintage fountain pens.

My name is pronounced "Jeff Rez-oh-TAR-ski" [dʒɛf ɹ̠ˤʷɛzoʊtɑɹ’skiː]. You can call me Jeff Rz (rez).

Feel free to email me at "jeffrz [@t] cornell.edu" or "jeff [dot] rzeszotarski [@t] gmail.com"