INFO4310/INFO5311: Interactive Information Visualization

Instructor: Jeff Rzeszotarski
MWF 11:15AM - 12:05PM @ Upson Hall Rm. 222

In this course you will develop a personal toolkit for representing data and developing interactive data visualizations. We focus on three core elements of successful visualizations: choosing the best representation for both data and intended outcome; incorporating interactivity (or leaving it out) strategically; and following design principles that account for limits in human cognition, perception, decision-making, and physiology. Through practical exercises we will understand the unique technical challenges that visualization imposes on designers and develop a sensibility for the visualization process from data scraping to end evaluation.

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We will begin processing enrollments 1-2 weeks before the start of the term. The undergraduate sections (4310) are for undergraduates ONLY, and undergraduates may not take 5311. Preference will be given to students who need this specific course to graduate, which means more senior students and students in IS/CS programs. We cannot give preference to students who would like to take the course as an elective, even to fulfill degree requirements. If you lack the INFO3300/5100 pre-requisite (or comparable experience if grad student) or are not a senior student, your chances of admission will be extremely low.

Syllabus & Policies [ PDF ] [ Spring, 2024 ]

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Javascript reference websites:

SVG reference:

It will be useful to have a webserver running locally on your computer. Here are some options:

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