INFO4310: Interactive Information Visualization

Instructor: Jeff Rzeszotarski
MWF 11:30AM - 12:20PM over Zoom

In this course you will develop a personal toolkit for representing data and developing interactive data visualizations. We focus on three core elements of successful visualizations: choosing the best representation for both data and intended outcome; incorporating interactivity (or leaving it out) strategically; and following design principles that account for limits in human cognition, perception, decision-making, and physiology. Through practical exercises we will understand the unique technical challenges that visualization imposes on designers and develop a sensibility for the visualization process from data scraping to end evaluation.

Syllabus & Policies [ PDF ] [ Fall, 2020 ]
Zoom Guidance [ PDF ] [ Fall, 2020 ]

Recorded lectures are available on Canvas, but synchronous attendance is encouraged.
Notes and "prompts" (pre-notes for upcoming classes) will be posted to GitHub. [Site][Repository]
Assignments will be posted to CMS.
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You can find procedures for presenting a paper and leading class discussions in this document.
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Javascript reference websites:

SVG reference:

It will be useful to have a webserver running locally on your computer. Here are some options:

Data Sources