INFO 3300 - Data-driven Web Applications

(Adapted from Prof. David Mimno's course design and materials)

This course will introduce students to working with data in the context of modern web applications. These include data representation with relational and non-relational databases, data mining to find patterns and make predictions, and visualization design.

Prerequisite: INFO 2300 is required because we will be working in a web environment. Writing web applications is about more than programming -- it's a complex ecosystem of technologies. Students will need to be familiar with Javascript, HTML, CSS, and client-server architectures. CS 2110 (object-oriented programming) is required for programming experience. If you have not taken one or both of these courses, be prepared to discuss previous project-based experience.

Syllabus [PDF] [Spring, 2020]
Course Policies [PDF] [Spring, 2020]

Notes and "prompts" (pre-notes for upcoming classes) will be posted to GitHub. [Site][Repository]
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Javascript reference websites:

SVG reference:

It will be useful to have a webserver running locally on your computer. Here are some options:

Data Sources