INFO 3300 - Data-driven Web Applications

This course will introduce students to working with data in the context of modern web applications. While the course roster reflects an earlier iteration of the course that focused primarily on relational databases, the current version of INFO 3300 focuses on designing and developing web-based data visualizations.

Prerequisite: INFO 2300 is required because we will be working in a web environment. Writing web applications is about more than programming - it's a complex ecosystem of technologies. Students will need to be familiar with Javascript, HTML, CSS, and client-server architectures. CS 2110 (object-oriented programming) is required for programming experience.

The Fall, 2023 section is currently full. Sign up for the waitlist [ here ]. You will be sent a PIN to add the course when a space is available. Because of concerns about students "holding places" for other students, we will not provide any information about your exact position, but we may be able to estimate the chance that you will be able to register. The undergraduate sections (3300) are for undergraduates ONLY. With the exception of accelerated graduate degree programs, undergraduates may not take 5100.

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Javascript reference websites:

SVG reference:

It will be useful to have a webserver running locally on your computer. Here are some options:

Data Sources